If he were to write his own bio, Darius would tell you he’s just an Island boy born in the country, who understands that without Jesus, he wouldn’t be who he is today. Darius, also known as SomeSay, was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. The son of a veteran, and a veteran himself, SomeSay moved to Orlando two years ago with the intent to attend Full Sail University. Though he did attend, receiving his Bachelors of Science in Recording Arts and his Masters in Entertainment Business, The Lord sent him here to experience a move of God that would alter the trajectory of his life. A creative with a big vision, but an even bigger God, SomeSay aims to point people back to the very source of all he does.

In 2016, he released 3 projects:

ALTWSS [At Least That's What SomeSay], Intermission: The Mixtape & XLVIIIHRS [48 Hours]. He is currently working on his forthcoming EP, What Took So Long.