There are events that take place in life that can alter the course of your life drastically. They may have you speechless for hours at a time. The picture is After Presence Night had been officially released, this young man was being prayed for. He believed God could heal him and that he would walk again. We stayed and waited for God to respond to the petitions of those who believed with him. The lessons from this experience is what changed my perspective. Here was a young man, who had so much faith that God would heal him completely so that he could walk again. Yet, we sometimes lose faith in the little, or things that seem little to us.

Never lose faith in what you're believing God for.

In the midst of us praying, he was able to feel in his feet, calves and knees, something he never could feel before. Sometimes we have to thank God for what he has done, and not focus on what we want him to do. The little is done to see how you'll respond to it. Finally, compassion; specifically a heart of compassion. I cried tears off and on not really understanding why, until God spoke to everyone in the house saying he was giving us his tears. He was giving us his heart, his cry to release in the Earth.

Up until last night, and I've only shared this with my best friend, since coming back to Florida, I felt a spirit of depression and loneliness trying to come over me. I really wasn't excited about my birthday like I have been in the past. Obviously it was a tactic of the enemy, he obviously knew that Tuesday night would alter and change me forever, and I believed he tried to isolate me to keep my from going to Presence Night. I know during this season that there may be times I am pulled away from the crowd, but it's only to draw closer to God to do what he's calling me to do.

To sum it all up, 3 January 2017 by far has been the greatest birthday ever. Thank you to everyone who called, text, IG/FB posted, FaceTime, etc. You don't know how much your words and hugs meant to me yesterday. From my best friend calling me at midnight my time on the dot, to my mom, who every year I've been away from home (and when I've been home) has called me and sung Happy Birthday. Not a New Year, New Me, but a greater me.


One last thing... I do celebrate all month long. I had a dream someone put a wad of cash in my hand a couple nights ago. Now I don't know WHO you are, but don't hold my blessing back! Lol.

27 started out great, lets see what the rest of the year has in store.