Digital Leadership Portfolio: CEO

A hardworking individual who understands the weight of holding such a high and esteemed position. Must be able to strongly communicate with teams, and team leads. It is imperative to be able to express the vision of the company in a way that everyone can grab ahold of the vision as well, make it their own and all help take the company to new heights. Communicate what it is you expect from each individual in your company so there is no confusion as to what expectations are. If you can master being an effective, strong communicator, coaching your employees will come easy. A CEO must be able to coach his/her employees. It is imperative to effective work environments.

Along with being an effective communicator, being a strong listener is just as important. Listen to concerns and ideas from employees, more importantly, be a listening ear when life for one of your employees is hard. Listening goes hand in hand with building relationships, and being understanding of every situation presented. Building great relationships with employees will boost morale, which in-turn boosts production. Building relationships with clients creates a trust that will lead to long and successful results in your business. The CEO to employee relationship is so important, that the ability to read people is essential. Not everyone responds well to the same managerial style. It is important to find the best way to communicate to your employees to keep morale and production high.

When making decisions, be realistic, but don’t be afraid to take big risk. Be knowledgeable of different roadblocks that may occur. However, calculate EVERY risk, and decide whether it will be worth it or not. Confidence, not arrogance, will take you far as a CEO. Humility is a must for this position and it is something that cannot be taught. This comes with past experience with the hand that life dealt you along the way. As a CEO, you MUST be able to not only learn from the past, but admit at times when you were wrong. Admitting that a past decision may not have been the best for the company will not only exhibit humility to your team, but you’ll be able to learn the lesson to apply to the future of your company.