I know I shared this story via my Instagram Story on Monday, but there's so much to it that I had to share more in depth on my blog. Yeah, I've been slacking on this blogging thing lately and that'll change...... soon LOL. But for real, definitely should use this means of communicating what God has and is doing in my life right now. For now, lets talk about what he JUST DID!

For those who know, I've been interning with Disney since May and working at Starbucks on the weekends while attending school online for my Masters Degree. No, I'm not crazy, and no, I don't sleep either. However, my parents have set an example for years that at 28, I'm FINALLY truly understanding and applying it to my own life. That is no matter how you feel, do what you gotta do. The long days and sleepless nights will pay off in the long run, but for now, we working! NOW, back to the story here. Back in April I believe it was, I was contacted for a stagehand gig with a company here that was outsourced by Sea World. At the time, this company was also looking for warehouse employees. I had just started at Starbucks and knew my internship with Disney was beginning soon, so I respectfully declined but kept that as an option on the table for the future.

So now we're here... Internship with Disney is coming to an end, Starbucks is great, but not enough to live off of as a single young man. I mean the perks of working there are great! Free coffee, free Spotify Premium.... FREE coffee, and FREE Spotify premium (thought I'd emphasize that one mo' gain, MY GAWD!) Now my internship was a paid internship as well. So let me park here for a minute... This is the part where I have to talk about me. Here I was, great internship, fairly decent job, veteran benefits, life was good. Well, lets go back to before the internship started. Before my internship started, I was probably in the worst position financially. I don't want to go into depth about everything here, because I talk about it in my song, Broke, featuring my boy Keto on my EP I'm working on now. When life hits fam, life HITS, and she hit H A R D! Between January and May, you couldn't have told me this is where God wanted me to stay. I would've called you a liar to your face, because it didn't LOOK that way to me. But God being who he is had our Pastor during a Presence Night release this song in such a Holy moment, 'It may look like I'm surrounded, but I'm surrounded by you.' And that's when things in my way of thinking slowly began to change. Family, don't look at what it looks like, but look to the hills from where your help comes, for our help comes from The Lord (Psalms 121:1-2). We can get so caught up with what our circumstances look like, that we take our focus and our attention off of The Father. It happens, and I would be lying to you if I said I've never had a moment where I was so focused on what things looked like that I took my attention off of God, but I didn't stay there. Let's keep going....

So, WE go to Hawaii for a few days (shout out my beautiful girlfriend. You already know babe), and The Lord begins to change my perspective through several encounters with him. We come back to Florida, and my outlook has changed completely. Was everything financially better? Not really, but God opening the door for this internship provided what I needed for the time being. I may not have had enough to do what I wanted, but I never went without & I thank God for that. So now, the internship was originally a 6-week program. Little did I know, they had the option to extend me another 6-Weeks, and they did. Praise God for it! So now, the last 6-Weeks are coming to an end, and I'm looking for a more permanent position. I remembered the company mentioned in the beginning and decided to submit my resume to them for the warehouse position. Within moments, I received an email back wanting to schedule me for an interview. We set it up, and I was in within the week of applying.

Now this is where things get interesting fam, so hold on tight. I go in for the interview, fill out the paperwork, gave it back to the secretary and wait in their conference room. A gentleman walks in, introduces himself and says, "I see you applied for a warehouse position. I think you may have meant to apply to the folks next door." You can imagine the look on my face at this point, 'Well I thought this was all the same company?' He goes on, "We're not hiring for warehouse positions. However, we are hiring and if you like, we can still go through the interview and then if you're still interested, I can walk you over to the other side of the building to speak with the manager there about the warehouse position." By this time I'm like, 'I mean, I'm here already so why not? Can't get that gas back no way LOL.' But through the entire interview, I sit there trying to focus, but sitting there like, 'God what did you just have me walk in to? I didn't apply for this job, but I'm here... being interviewed... what are you doing?' Interview goes great, he gives me a tour of the building and we go to see the manager of the other company. We get there, and his secretary says he just left to go out the country that morning for 2 weeks..... Out the country, not out of town.... OUT the COUNTRY! By this time, I'm bout ready to run around the entire building. God being who he is did what ONLY HE can do. To make an already long story short, I received an email this past Monday offering me a job as an AV Install Technician & I start Monday.

It was at the moment I left the interview that it clicked. I looked back over the last few months, and was able to see Psalms 37:25 in my own life, I was once young, but now Iā€™m old. Not once have I found a lover of God forsaken by him, nor have any of their children gone hungry (The Passion Translation). It was the moment I left the interview that I saw Ephesians 3:20 in my own life, that God will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask or think! My faith has skyrocketed to another level. If God can do this for me, then I have no doubt that he can save my entire family. I have no doubt that he can save the entire City of Orlando. I have no doubt that this nation and the nations of the world can be saved, all because of him going above and beyond in my own life. Believe and know that he can and he WILL family.

- SomeSay.